Why do I practice Yoga?

Have you ever asked yourself “Why do I practice yoga?”

Of course, the goal is not to tie a knot with you limbs, even though some people think that this is what yoga is all about!

I am so grateful for my ‘discipline’ to be practicing every day. Disciplined practice is said to be a path to freedom. But discipline without the permission to play can lead to discipline devoid of delight. The practice can lose its vitality, its joy, its juice. The practice can become mechanical and we can lose the ability to wonder, and the ability to try things differently. Discipline combined with delight or a ‘way of play’ is truly liberating because we are free to explore, to learn, to grow, to evolve. We are free to listen and respond to what is emerging from within- even if it does not conform to what we have been trained to expect. We make space for insight, and even delight – genuine delight.
Why am I grateful for practicing yoga? It is as fundamental for me now as those other daily practices. In fact, I ‘thirst’ for yoga when I am busy and it gets reduced. I do not practice yoga because I am disciplined. I practice yoga because I have to. Without it I would be distracted by pain from my scoliosis. I would not be able to enjoy my life and what I love. 

Why do you practice yoga? What helps you to find meaning in this world? To sustain a practice over a long period of time we need to ask ourselves these questions. 
Just practicing to be ‘good’ is not enough to carry you through a lifetime of yoga practice.

Take a moment at the end of your next practice, perhaps at the beginning of your Savasana, and ask yourself “Why do I practice?”