Term 3 in the Studio Again!

The head is the seat of intelligence.The heart is the seat of emotion.

B.K.S. Iyengar

We have come a long way since the scary days of March 2020 when nobody could tell how the whole COVID situation would develop. Fortunately, Australia did better than most countries and we are lucky to be able to think about returning to some form of (new) normality.  
Four weeks ago we started to move softly forward from online to studio classes and I have seen that most of you have been eager to come back to studio classes. 
I have also heard from those of you who do not feel comfortable practicing at the studio due COVID-19 currently. I want to let you know that I understand. Everybody needs to decide for themselves how they manage this new risk in all our lives. 
So, looking at Mr. Iyengar’s words above, let’s use our intelligence and our emotion to be guided and find the decision that is right for us individually. For me, it’s the balance of wanting to continue to guide you in your development of your yoga practice on the one hand and the fear of being in contact with so many people on the other. 
I am grateful for the mindfulness of all students, who are helping me cleaning the chairs and blocks after each class and staying away from classes when not feeling well. Some have even been tested when showing symptoms of a cold and let me know the results. If we all continue this path of self care and looking out for others I believe we can proceed with studio classes.  
On the positive, I am very proud of the beginners from the Tuesday class who have been keen to take it up again despite not having tasted the “nectar of a regular yoga practice” yet. Well done!

Now, we are ready to take the next step and start with our shorter Term 3 over 8 weeks. To reduce the risk in our classes the number of students is still limited to 10. For that purpose please book via my website for Term 3 to reserve your place. During  checkout you will see a text box for additional notes. Please, write your preferred session in this box or let me know by email which class you would like to attend.
If there is a high demand for one class and the number of students will be over 10, I will offer an additional class on Monday at 7.00 pm. First, let us see how the bookings will proceed. 

If you have to attend another than your reserved class for any reason, please contact me and I will advise. 

I am wishing us all a safe practice!