Our First Ever Rope Workshop

On Saturday, 21 July 2018 we had our first ever yoga rope workshop in Hornsby. We had installed the Yoga Wall in March of this year and used it for the occasional pose during regular classes.

Warrior Pose during the Rope Workshop
Warrior Pose (Virabhadrasana II)
Ardha Mukha Uttanasana during the Rope Workshop
Ardha Mukha Uttanasana

However, we were all irking to give the Yoga Wall a really good work out. So, we did. The workshop was fully booked with ten students. Franziska gave us the option of comparing poses with and without the ropes. But, being all shiny and new, we all agreed that we wanted every pose to include some form of ropes. And Franziska was happy to accomodate our wishes. We started with standing poses and continued to inversions. The first big adventure was to do a handstand hanging in the ropes. What a feeling! Because your body is supported by the pelvic swing there is no pressure on the wrists. And you can stay in handstand longer than normally!  After some backbends and standing twists we tried sirsasana (headstand) hanging in the ropes. Again, so different from the ‘normal’ version. We all felt transformed back to our younger days, when hanging upside down from a bar or some playground equipment gave us so much fun. As an adult you don’t get to feel that way often. You can imagine the laughter and joy in the room!

At the end we all felt very elated and stretched. It was an experience not to be missed.