Neck-and-Shoulder Workshop

Did you know that neck-and-shoulder pain is the number one musculoskeletal pain ahead of lower-back pain? Having strong but flexible shoulders and neck muscles helps to improve posture. This in turn stops us from slouching and not sitting up straight.

In this workshop we will explore the complex relationships between arm (even finger) movement, alignment of the cervical spine and head posture.

Not sure whether you need this? Just stand in front of a mirror and look at your neck and shoulders from the side. Is the head centered above the spine? Are your shoulders equal in height? Are your upper back muscles sitting high up in your neck? Does the neck tilt to one side?

The workshop will be held at Unit 56, 51 Leighton Place, Hornsby NSW 2077. No previous yoga experience necessary.

28 April @ 14:30
14:30 — 17:30 (3h)

Hornsby Studio

Franziska Thiele

Sold out. Sorry.