We took a Bath in Sounds of Ancient Instruments!

What a unique experience it was when on Sunday (10 September 2023) Natalie Grace, a Sound Therapist brought a selection of her specialized instruments to our yoga studio in Hornsby.

The workshop started with Franziska leading us into some gentle stretches and smooth movements to get our bodies into the spirit of the coming hour of Savasana! Natalie then took over after we all found a comfortable position on our mats with legs and head supported.

With her Tibetan Singing Bowls, Crystal Bowls, monochord and many forms of chimes and drums, Natalie soon immersed us into a world of sound, harmony, melody and inner quiet. It was literally like bathing in sound!

The most stunning effect for me was when she moved around while playing her instruments. All of a sudden sounds were coming from everywhere making me think of space and time and sinking deeper into my relaxation. Since Natalie is a fully educated musician and singing teacher, it was only natural for her to use her beautiful voice to add even more variety to the soundscape.

Once we had re-entered this world after our sound bath with our newly cleansed minds, we were able to explore all her instruments, ask many questions and try one or the other sound ourselves.

Natalie has kindly agreed to be available for us again next year in March. I will definitely be part of the experience again!


Our First Ever Rope Workshop

On Saturday, 21 July 2018 we had our first ever yoga rope workshop in Hornsby. We had installed the Yoga Wall in March of this year and used it for the occasional pose during regular classes.

Warrior Pose during the Rope Workshop
Warrior Pose (Virabhadrasana II)

Ardha Mukha Uttanasana during the Rope Workshop
Ardha Mukha Uttanasana

However, we were all irking to give the Yoga Wall a really good work out. So, we did. The workshop was fully booked with ten students. Franziska gave us the option of comparing poses with and without the ropes. But, being all shiny and new, we all agreed that we wanted every pose to include some form of ropes. And Franziska was happy to accomodate our wishes. We started with standing poses and continued to inversions. The first big adventure was to do a handstand hanging in the ropes. What a feeling! Because your body is supported by the pelvic swing there is no pressure on the wrists. And you can stay in handstand longer than normally!  After some backbends and standing twists we tried sirsasana (headstand) hanging in the ropes. Again, so different from the ‘normal’ version. We all felt transformed back to our younger days, when hanging upside down from a bar or some playground equipment gave us so much fun. As an adult you don’t get to feel that way often. You can imagine the laughter and joy in the room!

At the end we all felt very elated and stretched. It was an experience not to be missed.

Yoga Wall is finally here!

After much planning, measuring, cutting, sawing, sanding and drilling we are happy that the new yoga wall is ready to use at the Hornsby Studio. Here are some impressions of the work in progress….

Panels sanded to a soft finish and oiled

The beginnings of our Yoga Wall

More battens to be fixed…

Heavy drilling machinery in action

More holes to drill….

First panels fixed to the wall

Fun with the Swedish Ladders

Fixing the lights

Yoga Wall is finished!

Our Yoga Wall in all its glory

Hornsby Studio with new look

During the January school holidays Franziska took to paint and roller and put a beautiful coat of ‘orange clay’ on the walls of the Hornsby Studio. Come and see for yourself! In other good news, the Yoga Wall is also taking shape. We will have some lovely warm birchwood plywood panels with Yoga Wall stations for eight students. There will also be wall bars on both sides of the Yoga Wall. Stay tuned.

Our Emails will be more professional

We have signed up with a professional email distribution company in order to make sure that our emails actually end up in your inbox and not in your spam folder. You will receive emails from us via MailChimp from now on. Additional benefit: They will look much nicer.

We have added all of our existing students to the distribution list. MailChimp adheres to very strict anti-spam guidelines. You can unsubscribe at any time directly from the email. However, we hope that you continue to find the emails useful.

Yoga Wall coming soon!

We are currently working with both our builder and a supplier in the US to get a yoga wall installed in our Hornsby Studio! Exciting times. The yoga wall will allow us to do poses for which we need ropes. This is great for inversions but also for further extension. Using ropes it will be possible to stay in the pose for longer giving you more of the benefits. Stay tuned for more information.